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CornerStone Associates provides a wide array of support and services to our clients. We assist clients in developing effective business and legislative strategies; navigate the federal legislative or regulatory process; and achieve their business objectives.

Working closely with our clients, we can execute the right strategy using the right approach and deliver the right messages to implement the winning solution.


CornerStone Associates is a lean integration of professionals with complementary expertise strengthened with a well-seasoned relationship of mutual respect and confidence.  That same alliance provides dividends for clients as CornerStone assists in developing a clear, concise and forward-leaning approach.  The core capabilities provide a platform on which Cornerstone and the client stands as partners, mutually committed to success and a longer term relationship.  For example:

Government Affairs Consulting
  • Partnering with the client, develop both the strategy and tactics to enhance visibility and access
  • Utilizing decades of expertise, provide clients with legitimate assessments of what “sells”
  • Navigate using strong relationships in both the Executive and Legislative branches of Government
  • Provide advice regarding proposals and properly focused, tailored communications plans
  • Assist clients in recognizing challenge categories and potential remedies

Business Development Services
  • Provide clients with strategic and tactical advice regarding business opportunities and decisions.
  • Create well-defined action plans that integrate innovation and sustainability
  • Premium placed on leveraging relationships to support enterprise
  • Provide counsel to clients regarding Executive and Legislative Branches’ environment and priorities
  • Using the outreach capabilities of associates, provides significant market exposure

Regulatory Affairs Consulting
  • Provides clients with current background on the applicable regulatory process
  • Offers direct assistance in navigating protracted regulatory steps and methods
  • Coalesces the private sector approach with governmental requirements and limitations
  • Ethical access to decision-makers focusing on a win for both government and the client

Security Consulting
  • Provides clients with objective expert advice on a range of security-related topics
  • Offers security assessments for a range of facilities and environments
  • Presents risk-informed strategies designed to prevent, deter, or mitigate
  • Makes available a cross-cutting approach to link security and safety principles

Recruitment and Placement of Professionals
  • Using a tested network of associates and former colleagues, provides proven candidates to consider.
  • Enhancing the client’s ability to compete by helping attract those with the correct skill set.
  • Placement of professionals in transition.
  • Access to well-qualified military, government, and private sector candidates
  • Support due diligence vetting of candidates under consideration
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